History - Charles Floyd

Recently, we were contacted by Alison Rogers. Her mother is Marion King, sister of CHARLES FLOYD.

Charles played at Tyabb in the 1930's, serving as secretary for a few years as well.

Marion recently found some photos of her brother and has decided to generously pass them on to our club. Marion is 93, but her memory is still sharp as a tack!

Below are some memories she penned along with some photos.

Memories of Tyabb Cricket Club and my brother Charles
By Marion King (nee Floyd).

My parents were married in 1920 and moved into a house on land purchased from the Unthank family, starting an orchard there. My brother Charles was born in 1921 and myself in 1923.

Both my parents were born in England. My father (Percy) was an Architect and my mother (Edith) a teacher.

Our family quickly fitted into the Tyabb community. We were very involved with the Methodist Church and Charles and I went to school at the Tyabb Railway State School. Charles was involved with the boy scouts and I went to Guides. We both in turn went to Frankston High school completing all grade levels and enjoying sport there. Charles playing cricket and football and myself playing hockey and tennis.

Charles went on to become an Accountant, passing the Federal Institute of Accountancy exam and working at the Shire of Mornington.

I, after doing a year of teaching, moved to the City to work in an office.

We were always interested in sport, my mother playing tennis for Tyabb and Charles playing for the Tyabb Cricket Club. My brother became Secretary of the Club in 1937/38 season. The following year he was again Secretary and he was pleased at the age of 17 and the youngest in the team, to be involved in the 1938/39 Premiership team.

My father F P Floyd was a Patron of the Club that year.

The following year 1939/40, Charles was to be Secretary again, but resigned due to leaving the area to become the rate collector at St Kilda Council. It was from there, with the war starting that he took leave and enlisted into the RAAF. Charles, trained in areas such as Somers, Benalla and Point Cook.
It was at Point Cook that he was involved in a plane crash which took his life.
Many of the Tyabb Cricket Club Officials, Members and Players came to Charles Funeral at Springvale.

I remember that there was a decision by the Tyabb Cricket Club to Honour Mr John T Baker with a Memorial Gate at the entrance of the Tyabb Sports Ground. My father because he had been an Architect was asked to design some gates with appropriate wording on it. The following was put on the pillars of the gate.

“This gateway, was erected in grateful remembrance of the work done by John T Baker for this park and township”.

My father had also designed the Tyabb Methodist Church.

In The Peninsula Post April 1939, I found an article about the Tyabb team playing in the NPCA final against Bittern. The first innings played that week, it was reported that “Floyd, probably the youngest opening bat in the competition had batted nicely for his 28, a great performance for this 17 year old in his first final and speaks well for his future”.

A future that was not meant to be.

It also said, “He is the type of batsman who plays the ball with the full face of the bat all the time and as soon as he has had a little more experience, it is confidently expected he will be one of the most feared openers in the competition”.